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hi my name is maz from scotland love this site met a lot of great people to many to mention all but u know who u r xoxox (8)
i have 23 year old son marc who i cant even escape from in here lol  
well im now a granny baby mia was born 25/6/2012 weighing 6lb 6oz and is absolutley perfect but i would say that lol xx
Merry X-mas hun,have a great new year,i love you!
Merry Xmas ,hun,i wish you all the best of the world!!!!Enjoy with yor family!!!!
my pretty friend,a lot of hugs!!!!!
Hugssssssssss <3
nice woman,my dear friend! Love you!!!!
HI EVIL 1........ thanks for kicking my butt every nite lol
Loving the new pic, gorgeous hun x
Conratulations...Mia is so cute she gonna be a spoilt little lady by granny hugs...xxx
Congrats hugggs as a grandma :D:D:D she is beautifulllllll <3
hello hugssssssss, congratzzzzzzzz hun, she is beautifulllllllll
aww that labis so cute - almost makes me want a puppy but meories of how much hard work they are still fresh in mind :)
i keep missing you on by an hour hiding from me now lol
hiya hugs you nice people and good to see you on ob ...('') (o_O) waves hi
hows the hug a bunch gang been keeoing ?
its the glamours granny soon to be lol sooo happy for you hugs you've been a great friend and pain in the ass lol but wouldnt change you for the world
hope u all had a gr8 xmas hun , love ya , linda and boys xxx
Merryyyyyy christmasssss :)
and a happy new yearrrrr :)
Hi hun, thought I would check out you new profile, very nice!!
love the photos of the family, and of ur new tatt, very pretty :)
Love & Friendship always
Ree xxx
huggy bear smells
Glad to get to know u ;)
Very nice family. Lubs ya tattoo :D Lots of hugs...
The Marshrtroll...
brill pic hun , loving the new hair !!! xxxx
nice pics bonnie wee lass gal !
very very pretty x x x x x x x x
drunken skanks lol xxxx
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Thank you for your lovely card, love you hun !
MERRY CHRISTMASS HUN! I WISH YOU AND YOUR FAMILLY ALL THE BEST!Thank you being so a good friend,love you!
Hi Hugs Wishing You A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011 ;>) xxx
:( feel like i not seen u in weeks even tho we spoke on f/b lol !
awwwww pwetty birdie lol xxxx
awwww i so love the first bottom pic of you with cammy! you gorgeous, think i'd give ya one! LOL x x x x x x x x x x
wow dont know whos the prettiest you or the dog hehe nice lookin family you got
Awwwww hun , tysm for putting me baby on here , i sooooo missing him!!!!!! Keep missing you on here, and no credit in fone. has my lil baby been behaving then ?, love you loads tyvm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
across the miles
you touched my life,
opened my eyes, and
filled my empty heart-

strangers, yet friends,
our spirits reach out,
always touching, never apart- -

you in the east,
me in the west,
never together,
never apart- -
hey hun, im so glad we made up, i think u r alot of fun to talk to.... wish we have started on the right foot from the very start but "big luvs" can start with fights sometimes, lmao, Luv U girl, Hope we can connect tighter and tighter, we deserve the Peace and Love, u know that ;-) This was Georgiana signing ur guestbook! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee LMAO :-P
well what can i say about the lovely hugs ... mad mad and even more mad luvs ya tho
Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
hi hun i not been on could'nt get connected with that stupid dongle , had me niece thru since thu too , she went home today , now i at norms xxxxxxxxx hope everything is ok with you ....love linda xxxx
hey baby loves you loads xxxxxx
You and your family are in my prayers...I'm so sorry for what your going through...if you ever want to talk i'm here...luv ya xoxoxox (10)
prayers for you're mum hunni , love you lots....linda xxxx
skankbag copycat LOL xxxxxx
weeeeeeeee saw the pics too lol so love them !!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hope everything is ok ....love ya.....linda xxxxx
loves ya hunnnnnnnnnnnnnn xxxx
love the new pics hun xxxx u look gr8 xxxx
You go girl! Love your pic!
just wanted 2 say glad i met u hun ur funny as hell love ya koke
gorg profile pic, stunna! xxxx
Aww hugs love the piccy of u n girls, they look like lil angels (yeah i know looks can be deceiving lol)... the pic of Rocks arm is awesome... all that white just makes me wanna write on it though, don't know how u resisted :P xx
awww sweet pic of you and the girls hun, lubs yaxxxxxxxxxx linda xxxxxxxxxxx
just popped on to say good morning and hope ur foot heals soon xxxxx
Hi hun! thank you for the nice moments with you and rock! im so glad that i meet you both!
Hot momma:) Nice pics hugs... Just showing you some love...
take that shirt off women i need to wash me windows with that chelsea shirt of yours love ya really xxxx
lovely pics maz xxxxxxxx
gr8 new pic hun xxxxxxxxxxxxx
awww hugs your pic give me such joy, and then i can get such fun watching others make comments lmao

Wow hun god im blonde we have talked on here for ages but i have never viewed your profile. Hun you are gorgeous and dont let anyone say anything else or they have me to answer too lmao
awwwwww thank you :) love ya love ya love ya! And just remember....rocks wins! hehe
OMG!!! Ashamed to say never clicked on your profile till now and omg! What a lovely lady you sre hon!!! Woweeeeeeeeeeee!!! Lovely family pics to hon. So nice to have met you on here....you always make me feel so welcome and you're great fun. Bigs hugs 'hugs' from Ilona The Great!!! hahahahaha!!! xxxxx
Hello dear friend!
Your sun is very nice boy!
Im so glad that i have meet you,you are a very nice and funny person,i like you very much! 1000 hugs for hugs!
loveeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu loadsssssssssssxxxxx
Been great to meet you and going into the station will never be the same again!! LOL. Just remember the rule......rocks wins!!
lol hi bird good to meet you and nice outfit yeeehawww
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year hun love linda xxxx
buk buk
hi sweety i wich all yr dreams come tru xxx
Merry Xmas hun, hope u all have a gr8 time! Love always Linda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Seasons Greetings HugzzZZZzzzz
Honey :)
nice pics!
Just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year..
hi hun hope u ok , missing u loads xx
Rofl ppl will think i bat for the other team! U seen all the profile views from me lmfao, hope u ok hun it been 3 days omg.xxxxxxx
omg you was on early, i got up late lol then whizzed around and did me cleaning came on 1.30pm, hope ya on later tonight, ig rother final!!!! lol xxxx
Oi workaholic! i gonna yhave to have words with ya boss, uare neglectin your ob duties lol xxxxxxxx lindz
booooooooooooooooo hi hun lol xxxxx
hiya baby wheee i finally made profile xxxx love ya loads xxxx
hahaha buk buk u not on the day , one thinks one might have a stinking hangover rofllllllllll, speak soon linda xxx
keep checking to see if ya on, cant sleep lol , can ya tell? haha xxxxx
hey at last cute pic ..... buk buk
ahhh nice pic of kids and the bridge hun xxxxx
linda xx
comon remove the chickin dress bubk buk lol
yo cluck cluck , just popped in tosay hiiiiiiiiii :) xxx
hi hi chickin who is the boss weeeeeee
70 tournies won! sharkypoo! :)
linda xxx
Want 2 wish u n urs a Merry Christmas!!!!