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Username:rocksette, 56 years
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I play mostly:Ludo - played 2927 times
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Hi to all from Scotland :)  Been coming to OB on and off for about a year and a half I think but have only just become a member (thanks to the wonderful Hugs!)  Have met some lovely people here including Ilona, Gizmo, Ripmom04, Hugs, Winnie, Lara, MrCheeky, Block111, Pudswife, Diamonds, 100%angel, AngelFallsMagik  and so many other.  Thank you all for all the laughs!! And just remember the most important rule - Rocks wins!! lol  
RIP Rocky - worlds greatest dog.  03/1993 - 21/06/2009.
Merry Christmas to you hon!
Merry x-mass,hun,i wish you to have a great year and inly hapyyness!
Love you,hun!
merry christmas hunni hope u have a great 1 xxxx
happy birthday rocks
another yr older lol
still along way of catching hugs up
have a great day ur 1 fun lady lol
tc an all the best
xxxx luv steve
well what can i say ur a very special lady even though u wont let me sign tht cast lmao.... hope u get better soon hun xxxxxx
hey wabted 2 say glad i met u hun cute kittens b nice 2 them now rofl love ya koke
thank you very much cause you are so a good friend,hun! Is a pleasure and honour meeting you! Love you,hun!
just to say the kittens r sweet lol
an tc xxxx
Hun ss to hear bout hopalong , he will be with ya hun, dogs are loyal, u did the best thing, he in doggy heaven now looking after ya , love ya lots linda xxxxx
Awww I'm so sorry about your dog. Love ya Rocks,Paper, Scissors.
ss hun to hear about hopalong may he rest in peace hun my thoughts are with u xxxxx
hey there woman thx for just being u and having to listen to my going on and on and on lol love ya loads xxxx
Happy Mothers Day !!!!!! Luv ya and miss you.....xxxxxxxxxx
hey rocks nice to final put a face to that
cheeky chimp u r :P
gl in ur games lol
i gave u a mention on my profile now that means u have to be even nicer to the hugs weeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxxxx
Im so glad that i meet you,you are a great,funny and lovely person! Good luck in your games,partner,,,,, and GOOD LUCK in love!!!!!
ok say after me...... hugs is the greates ready now ur turn..... lmao xxxxxx
Lol Hello sausage!!!! So love that dog!!! One in picture I mean, not you hahaha!!! ....Or do I???? ty for being such a fun playmate on here hon. Hug hugs from Ilona the Great!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hello my fellow victim ludo player!! Glad you are a member now I can make you cry in here! Rawr!!
just thought i would pop in and say HI HI HI
good t meet you rocks your a great person on ob gord knows wat yer like in real life :P
Hello my dear friend!
Hello my friend! Just wanted to say thank you for the laughs we have and don't forget to bring your tissues when we play Ludo.
ok agree with most of it except the bit about rock wins lol xxx