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A special mention to my loverly OB friends, Pro, Jenna85, Spankee & lil-smokin the 4 truest people I know and all the lovely people that come play in my tournies <3  Much love and big (((((Hugsssssss))))) Special mention to Diamonds who is truly a wonderful gal (10)
(9) My favorite quote of all time:
"If the scent of her hair were to blow across my dustwhen I had been dead a hundred years;My mouldering bones would riseand come dancing out of the tomb."
Miss you <3
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
<3 you!
Wishing you were here... we need to get into some trouble together... Miss you so much!
Missing you hun <3 Hope all is well..
:P <3) Thinking of you (<3)
Way to go Deberly.. One of the BEST Sludo players of ALL time and my true nemisis. <3
I love you Deb <3
Hey girl just wanted to drop by and tell u thanks for keeping it real..
Have a great day Sadies <3
thank you so much for the profile mention.. you are such a great lady! can't wait til the day all 3 of us can get together at once and hang out! Love you!
I am soooooo glad we have become friends. You're a sweetie. Lub ya lots
<3 sadies u da the best :))))))))
All I can say is "I love you girl" you've been an awesome friend to me.. I look forward to playing and chatting with you.. I love how you're straight forward and such an awesome friend.. I know I can always trust and who will always listen when I need it. Love you Deb. <3
Sadie hun it will be soon and I can not wait to meet you you have been a great friend

what a very special lady you are, it is my pleasure to call you friend, you are such a wonder lady, and your a real lady, and i luvs ya to death. Its my honour that you call me a friend of yours.

across the miles
you touched my life,
opened my eyes, and
filled my empty heart-

strangers, yet friends,
our spirits reach out,
always touching, never apart- -

you in the east,
me in the west,
never together,
never apart- -
how could i not be your friend?! you are an AMAZING woman! and all the things you've overcome make you even more incredible! i am HONORED to be your friend! Love you!
ugh i miss you. i WILL get my membership one of these days... once my work schedule straightens out!
Merry Christmas Sadies my lady.. love ya girlie and always will. I am so greatful for our friendship and nasty Sludo games. Hope the new year brings you good fortune.. You are truly one of a kind.
Merry Christmas to you hun and Have a Very Merry New Year!!

Thanks for being my friend,

Merry xmas to you and you're family hun linda xxxxxxxxxxx
Merry Christmas I hope you day was filled with lots of joy
hiya hun tytyty and i wish u and ur family a very happy and safe christmas and the best and safest new year..
You are the best friend someone could have. Thank you for being my friend. You are always there when I need you to be - I hope I can be there when you need me. Thank you hun! Thanks for all the tourneys you host - especially the bg ones!! Merry Christmas hun - I hope we spend lots more together.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope your holidays are filled with love and laughter, and your new year brings you many new memories, happiness to fill your heart, and prosperity to last a lifetime...TY for being a great person, and I am proud to call you "friend".
sadies i can say ive made a few great friends on here
and your 1 of them and i wish you and your family the
best christmas and new year and all the best for the future
luv steve and family xxxx
hey deborah yes been through alot lol ,im soo glad u can forgive me and we still very good friends ur doing a great job and keep it up the more u do the less mistakes u will make lol .have a lovely xmas hun and hugs 2 ur family love barry xxx
Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Sadies.... God Bless and Keep in safe hun...
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too a great td and funny girl take care
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Happy Birthday Sadies and ty for alll the Tourneys. I hope you had a Good Birthday and will enjoy it all year.... See you in the games...Trickks
Happy Birthday Deb, hope you have an awesome day and may all your birthday wishes come true. Love yas xxxxx
Just wanted to say Happy Birthday hun...Hope you have a great 1
Happy Thanksgiving my lil Turkey:p Thank you for our chats and being you, It has been nice getting to know you, and you just not being a screen name! I hope you have a wonderful day and eat lots rofl Its been a pleasure working beside you here at OB...luv ya hun xoxoxoxoxoxo
Happy Thanksgiving Sadies! Love and best wishes to you and your, tak care!
Hurry up and get home Sadies!! Miss ya girlie... I hope all is well and you're having a blast. <3 Chat with you soon. (<3)
Sadies my Sweet. I love you soooo much, we are great friends and I charish that immensley. I enjoy our mean games of Sludo.. one day I'll kick your hiney rofl. You are a great host who makes everyone on OB feel welcome.. I charish you always. (<3)