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Username:doez, 56 years
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Hi I'm Doreen...I'm very glad to have found this site (44) There are so many lovely people here and I LOVE playing PTD Yahtzee & BackGammon & Spades & Thanks to Amy (Softballrocks15) I L OVE LUDO!!!  Family means everything to me.  I'm a mail carrier by day and OB junkie by night. I have MS but don't let anything get in my way. I play softball still for the same team for the past 29 yrs. Total of 39 yrs. and I'll never give it up(47) These are who mean the most to me...my son who is 23 yrs. old and in the Army...my daughter who is 18 yrs. old...my Mother & I and the Stanley Cup...My Father who was my best friend and past away 2-26-06...I Love You(44) My best friends & Hubby...my softball girls. Hope I remembered everything...lol. Look me up sometime if you'd like to play a game (109) And...if you took the time to read & look(52) at my profile PLEASE sign it also. I'd like that(44)Thanks!!
P.S. You can always find me on my Facebook
or myspace
hey hun just wanted 2 say glad i met u and ur a good friend ty koke
Happy Mothers Day !!!!!! Luv ya and miss ya......xxxxxxxxx
Nice to meet ya hun, a butt whooping is rdy for ya whenever your free.. i will lend you my last victims cushion!! lol xxxx
aww you to hun, your a really funny and nice person, and normal which is quite unique on this site lmao. I am glad we have met and got to know each other.

what to say hon..... lovely lovely lovely !!! good on you hon hugs Ilona the great lol !!
hiyaaaaaaa ,

I read your profile and it's cooooooool lol read mine plz ??? lol

luv beth xx
Hey Hun, thanks for making my day! Luv yas!
hey doreen you look great by that cup. next time you see it can you etch my name on it under the 69-70 bruins team. right beside bobby orr s name xo jamie
doezzzzzzzzzzz hiya sweetie i love chattin with you in the tourney room you are a blast...muahhhhhhh
Hey Doreen,
It's been such a blessing getting to know you. I believe there are no accidents in this world and that God brought us together for a reason. You can ALWAYS talk to me and I will listen without judgment.....as I know I can always talk to you. Your family is beautiful and I know things will work out for the both of us. Thanks for being my friend.

Love ya,
hey hun , ur profile is great n u have a very lovely family hun ...i love to play u. ur great fun but noooooooooooo i cannot give up the dust ....... :) ty for add hun mwahhhhhh
hey u are cool and dont stop being cool.
Hi so nice talking 2 you ....Tys for the advice i went bought 1 it worked.. hope see u in a game ........ awesome family hun ...... moodygranny
Awww Ty Hun Your Such A Great Person Glad We Have Became Friend's And Stayed Friends...Luvz Ya Gurlie See Ya In Tourney's

awesome looking family you have there good to know you
Nice pics, good looking kids! Been nice talking to you. See ya. Take care.
Wow hun you got nice family. Glad you found us too! Enjoy!!