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Sad to say my new house burnt to the ground New Years Eve/Day. I lost everyting in my life. I am pleased to be to be US veteran. I might be a little disabled. I might not walk like the rest. I have a mind. I work for Google as a architect adviser, I also teach mobile applications and in the meantime going to school myself to get my Masters in human services.
Hey David do you and cally remember me this is Leanna from forever ago. I have cerebal pasly and walk with crutches I hope y%u2019all are doing good.
When are you going to come back and let me beat you spades? =)
oh supa dave your an orginal american sniper i love you my hero
supa david donot wast your tim on gotta ,come visit me anytim ! my doors open for you supa hottie !
hey david hello my friend nice to see you back on ob catch up with you soon i hope ... also hope your doing well x
oh supa dave your the hottest guy on ob,where do you live ?
It's a bird! No it's a plane! No it's SupaaaaaDavid! Hiiii my friend it's been awhile. Hope this comment finds you well. Hugsss Anna
We have the same Cruchtes David :)
Thanks for your service my friend. I too am a veteran, but fortuntely not handicapped. God Bless you for all you do. Hang in there. God has his reason for making us the way we are. :)
Wish you a Happy birthday and hope you have a good one :D
Welcome Back Handsome!! ;)
Hey Supaaaaaa huggsssssss hope this comment finds you well! xoxo Anna
Hi David long time no chat!
Hey David how are you this is Leanna from along time ago. Hope your doing well. I see you have Cruchtes like me. It gets tiring huh. Haha!
Its sooooo nice to have you back!.. Love you <3
I always where ever you is... I missed you most ;) loves you baby ;) muah
Miss you ... Hope all is well... will be waiting for you xoxoxox
I have missed you hunny, where r u?? pray you are well and having a wonderful 2010.

Luv yah
Dont mind me.. just stalkin your profile again Love you xxxx.. Smooches!
Hmmmm .... OB Biggest male flirt... go figure lol :) Anyways, thanks for the laughs and the insults lol...
Omg! My hubby is biggest flirt! Guess its time to shorten the leash! Lol... congrats baby... you know i Love You!
Love you babycakes xxxxxxxxxxxx
Happy New Year beanie boy and hoping 2010 is a fabulous year for you, luvs ya, tricky xx
I have missed you sooooo much... I Love You David
hope you had a very merry christmas david, and Happy new year
Merry Christmas David! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
May you have the best Christmas ever and Happy New Year!!!
Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!! xoxo~Sommer
Wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours xx
Hi David, Thanks for all the wonderful chats, and games! Been a hard year for you. I hope next year is sooo much easier. Merry Christmas to you hun and Happy New Years! xoxoxo
Love u millions ! U rock my world baby , we WILL meet , mwah mwah mwah!!! x x x x x x Linda x x x x x x
wow nice uni xo michelle
Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! xxx
Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!
Peace n love!
Happy Thanksgiving David!!! Hope you have a good one!! xxxx
Sending you some supa love cuz ur supa like dat! Love you hunni xoxoxoxo
Hey Handsome :) thought i'd leave my dent on your comment wall ;)
Sending some very sweet kisses your way Muaaaahzzzz.
I Love You
Me david i love you soooooo uch mwah!!!!!! love linda xxxxxxxx
Havent seen u in a while, hop;e all is ok and u r well and happy, see you soon, love yah xxxx

Happy Late Birthday baby, im so happy and lucky to have you.. I love you Always xoxoxox your Candy
Helllllllooooooo David! Just thought i would stop by here and leave you a message ...Thank You for being such an awesome friend..your such a sweet person with a big heart! Take Care my friend and see you in ludoooooo mista ! :P
i love you david xxxxxxxxxxxxxx , lots of luv n kisses from linda xxxx
Happy birthday to you from me :)
Just stopping by to wish my supaman a very Happy Birthday!! Luv ya!!
Muuaahzzzzz sexi xoxoxoxoxox I love you!
Ok first. i wanna be on top of you GB lol , 2nd I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You.... smooches!
Thinking of you, and hoping you're surgery and recovery is going well and that you aren't in much pain! I love ya hunni..Miss ya!.....Mary
love you moreeeeeeeeeee xxxxxxxxxx love linda
Awww Hunni , i miss your amazing smile, Get Well Soon and Hurry back, I love you
love u babycakes xoxoxoxoxo, linda xxxxx
Love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
ok you soo need a real shirt on in your main pic hun....maybe a Penn State 1 lmaooooo weeeeeee
Awww so cute bless xxx
nice pick woot woo....love u ....linda xxxxx
Just wanted to send you lots of hugs and kisses xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Love... Candy
Thank you for your service, from one redneck mom! I, too, am a proud American; my own son is finishing his last year of high school and is in the Army Reserves. Go ARMY!
Sending ya some supa love xxx
supa...i am a very proud american and half redneck! thank you for your service to our country!
Hey stranger,

We havent talked much, im missin you,, hope you are well and im liking that sexy back

Love you

Hey bro just wanted to drop you a couple line i know we very seldom talk and hang put but i will still say you are a good buddy of mine man and you hang in there and fight this thing to the end bro. And if i can ever help you with anything just give me a call and i'll be there ok man you have a good one.
i love you THIS MUCH xxxxxxxxxxxx
hey u just wanted 2 say its fun beating in spades and ur a good guy glad we met love ya koke
Hey David, I cant say i know what you are going through but i know its hard. You are such a strong person, Never give up! and Never Change who you are! You are still Supa! Xoxo
Hey David....I love you babes you are the sweetest and most awesome man that I have ever met and probably ever will...Remb I am always here for you...I love you hubby..xoxoxo muahhhhhh
david love u 2 sweetie...nice piccy mwah!!!!!
Nice ummm peppers!!! ;)
Yes, im stalkin your profile again... but seriously i'm glad we have each other to talk to, sooo i'll see you in the morning i hope.. you bring the coffee. xoxoxoxoxoox.
hey sweets, tysm for the sweet gb~you are an awesome guy, and you deserve nothing but the best...I am honored to be your ob wifey :) I love all the new pics they are very nice ;) I am so lucky to have such an awesome friend~ty for all you have done for me!! always remember...never regret anyone from your past cuz there is a reason they didnt make it to your future..and you deserve so much more than what you had anyways!!!!
xoxoxoxo Sommer muahhhhhhh
awww what a cute baby!!!
I love the new pictures, and i really love beating u in spades :P talk to you soon.. xoxo
Great photos sweetie, omg what a TAN !!! So the fence did get errected :) wd woo hoo !!!! luv, tricky :)
wowwww! wonderful tan! it makes even a greek homebody in the midst of summer get jealous of it lol j/k babes! keep up the good job, we'll compare tans upon my return from holidays ;O) much love, as ever, Jo
Looking sooo fine.. rub some of that tan on me
so work consistes of taking pictures of other people working :D lmao
Just stopping by to say hey!! WB to OB! :)
sup supaaaaaa wb babes, next time dont stay away so long ;) awww the pup is cute, i dont think the pup is enjoying that bath though..good to see ya hun.
xoxoxoxo sommer
I love your Truck... It's Awsome !!!
hey heyyyy supa.....thanks for the gb.....huggggggggs :)
Welcome Back! Missed you Bunches! <3 Talk to you later.
SUPA , WooT WooT you went to colorodo and forget about me or what ! WooT i miss ya hun, just not the same without ya!!
Oh where oh where can my supa be? Miss ya *smooches*
Happy Easter BFF lol Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE the new Picture :D Handsome Handsome! Have a great day. Kiss Ya Later xoxoxo
weeee handsome pic!!!! You look not bad too ....hahaha, hi hun love Linda xxxxxxx
About time I sent you some SUPA LOVE beanie boy. Hope you have a great Easter, love from tricky xx
I think you already know... xoxoxo
mmmmmm looking good looking good ;)
welll...............I love ya!
soupadude :p:p
have i told u lately that i love you :)
hey my superrrrrrrrrrrr babe HOTTIE loves ya cant tell u often enought xxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooo
just wanted to send you kisses mmuuaaaahhh! Love Ya
hi my babe love ur pics AND LOVE U 22222222222 xxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooo
hey hun wanted to say hi n ty for being my friend ur a sweet person n stay that way ur the best hun and wow ur handsome stay handsome hun lol love ya
Happy V-Day David. <3
Happy Valentine's Day to ONE of the most important men in my life. I love you!! xoxoxo
hiya my supaaaaaa hunni woot woot love ya hun keep kissing all us ob ladys babe we need them weeeeeeeeeee xoxoxooxo
Just thought i'd let you know your one of the sweetest guys i've ever talked to and you lucky we live so far apart or i'd be stalkin your arse... Love ya
mm mmm mmmmm back atcha.
haha thx hun... wish it was mine though :p
LOL omg your too funny thanks for the wishes hun!
Dearest supa ... sending you some supaglue to help get you on the mend. Can't bear to think of you being crook again, so soon after the last set back, all my love dear friend, tricky xxx
OMGosh! LOL! You turning into a mexican? LOL! I'll keep staring all right, will you do a trick for me? LMFAO! Love the shirt ;) Keep on being SUPAAAAAA! Much love xoxoxo
lmao @ the pic hun...too funny..you are 1 of a kind and i'm soo glad we are friends...wouldn't want you any other way..muahhh
Hey there Supa Guy! Just dropping in to tell ya i love u just the way you are! Plz dont ever change who u are ok? xoxoxoxo
I love the new pic, and I think ur an awesome person and spades player. Keep them women goin cray-z for ya you truely are supa.;-)
Hi supa!! Ok so my profile says that i dont like playing you in spades but you are so my favorite opponent! Cant wait to beat you again :)
Thanks David. You're very sweet. I understand why everyone loves Supa ;)
K What would you like me to say? Would you like my autograph? LMAO!
Good picture. The camera loves you
luv you too babe thx for signing my guest book you are da besttt
hi you tart lol weeeeeeeeeeeeeee you ok m8
Dunno where you're at but I know you're here somewhere, just wanted to let ya know that Hannah is out of the hospital, she got out on Friday. She's still sick but is doing better, she goes back to the dr on Thursday. All I know for now.....HUGGSSSSSSS
wow luv the pic hun but next time smile....ya know i luv your smile...muahhh
Hiya sweety, love the pics and ur mum is gorgeous.
Yes, I'm stalking your profile, deal with it.
hey babee
you look mean in that picture
hey david just wanted to say ur such a sweet person n i love ya and i hope we can play a game sometime but not spades lmao thanks for always being there when i needed someone to talk to u always put a smile on my face hope u have a great 2009 hun love ya lisa
hmmm. i haven't signed your gb, but I am now. You know.... Hope 2009 is loads better than 2008. that's all I'm gonna say. Maybe more later :)
I love me some SUPA!!!!!
LMAO tell your boob girl her ta tas are uneven.... luv ya xoxoxo
Who LOVES ya babe!
Merry Xmas David! Hope you had a good one and next year less cheating at spades hehe xx
Hope you have the best christmas ever... next year will be better though
Merry Xmas sexy chops :) And a happy new year love Linda xxx
Wishing OB's sweetest guy a Very Happy Christmas, take care you great big hunk of spunk :) tricky xx
Hey hun .. I wish you a very merry christmas and a Happy New year xxx
Just dropin some love to mah best buddy............. love ya babes
Who loves ya Baby? Me Me Me! U rock David and I love ya a ton! xoxo
david youare the bestest so nice to have you part of ob .... thanks for beign my ob friend :)
Hey Sweetie, Thanks for the LUV and putting a smile on my face! You really are "SUPA".
Me ;)
Just Dropped in to say

HEY SEXI !!!!!!!!!

Luv ya

hi sexy

glad we re such good friends cant image bandit without u love u so much as a friend bff meaning best friends forever

whazzup dave m8 :D now thats one wound, i wouldnt like to lick :P
Hey ya Sexi xxxxx

Love talkin to you

Luv Ya

Hiya David my friend..... Love the pictures!!! weeeeeeeeee!!!
Wake up LOL! I sent u a text message
Where you been? There was something I wanted to tell ya. We are expecting around your bday =)
Welcome back David, you were really missed:-)
I am soooo glad you are back. We missed you!! You are such a great friend. And keep your chin up. Everything will get better with time!
Love yas,
David good to see you back!!!!! We've missed you! If ya need someone to talk to, I'm here for ya! Glad we are friends, you're an awesome person!!! Take care hun....love ya my friend
hi david know you the best to me and keep up the friendliness to me you the best