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 (30) Meeting you was fate (44) Becoming your friend was a choice (44) But falling in love with you was beyond my control (29)
Hello Mr. Blake
Haven't spoken to you in awhile, hope all is well with you and Tootie, hope to see ya on here soon. Take Care My Friends ~Hugs~
Well First of all, You have been like a brother to me. When you found out that my sister and mom were on ob you welcomed them with open arms not only b/c they are awesome ;) but b/c you knew how much they meant to me. When I found out that a close friend might have cancer, without me saying a word about it you knew something was wrong and wouldnt take "nothing" as an answer instead you called and listened to me cry until 2am. You were there for me when i got the news that my uncle had died, when my baby girl got sick, when i wanted to learn BG, when it seemed like my world walked out, just to name a few. Even when I put my wall up to block the whole world out, you got a ladder and tried climbing over when u saw that the ladder was too short, you didnt give up, you found the biggest, baddest damn bulldozer and push the whole thing over! You really know the true meaning of friendship and there is no doubt in my mind why my SommerGirl loves and adores you and why i call you my buddy! Thanks!!

JenJen, Belle, Knucklehead, Smoke, TatorTot, Smiles
(hmm im sure there are more~ lol)
~weeee you are finally on your way!!! cant wait too see you guys...we gonna have a blast!! Brian is getting locked in the closet :)- Lol~hey the game is here this weekend too so we gonna go see it..I will just hide you under my seat if u are wearing any of that gear :D get ready to pay your dues cuz we are gonna kick ur azz ;) xoxoxo love ya my lil azz clown <3
Where ya at? U R late for class, one more time and you're goin to the principal's office! LMFAO!
Well I guess it's only fitting that I leave ya a comment sinc ya left me one, glad we have became such good friends. You're truly one of a kind, never change who you are. And on a not so serious not...you are a bad man lol and it takes a lot nerves to put with me lol but you do it so well :P C-ya soon xxx
Hey ya thanks for your gb the other day you have been a really good friend to me thru the bad times and the good and u have hung in there so thanks :-) always good to see ya in ob making the room laugh :-) hugs from Dee :-)
~Hey Blake...the pics of tootie are to cute....tk you for everything u have done for me, I know sometimes I dont always show it but just remb that I love you and I always will...you are one person who will be in my life for a very long time if not 4ever..I cant wait till you come and see us...wish u could stay here for awhile and work though...Ima have to talk to your boss bout that lollll....tc azz clown~~love ya <3 xoxoxo muahzzzz
hey blake a nice person stay that way u r a cool guy glad we r friends
Hello Blake We have been missing u on line. Hope to see u again soon. Stay in touch.
Hi Blake ~ Just wanted to Say ~

My heart is reaching out to you,
For what you’re going through;
I’m thinking of you frequently
And praying for you, too.

If there’s something I can do,
Anything at all,
Think of me thinking of you,
And don’t hesitate to call.

I know u dont really want to talk and i do understand but when u do ill be just a phone call away (<3)

Smokey <3
I just think you are a very goodlooking and very sweet man and i for one am very glad to call you my friend. I enjoy playing games in OB with you hope we can be friends always.
Hello Blake You are a real good player. I really enjoy playing you. Your a very sweet guy. I enjoy being your friend stay in touch.
Hi Blake!! Wanted to tell you thanks for my bday wishes :) and Welcome Back! We Missed U, CoonA$$ ! Hope you had a great time on your days off. And as we say Geaux Tigers :) Talk to you soon... MISSED YOU MUCH! <3
Myyyyyyyyyyy Blake....Just stop by to tell you how much of a sweetie you are...you will do anything for anyone and you are truly an amazing guy!! you deserve nothing but the best.....hurry back buddy i miss ya...you sittin at home chillin for first time in 3 months neglecting me haha..have a great few days off...hope to see you soon :) xoxoxo
Hey babe . Ty for being an angel that has come into my life. You are an amazing guy and I am proud to call you my brother, yes thats what i consider ya you are the best!! Love ya brotha :) xoxoxo