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Username:agobot444, 37 years
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Online status:Offline, last seen 
I play mostly:Spades - played 4133 times
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Painted Yatzy

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Profile for agobot444

Playing all games , having fun, meeting lot of fun ppl
what a cutie :)

Happy Birthday Ago!
um hey ago where u been hiding at?
Thanks for the GB merry christmas to you hope you have a great day and a happy new years too
Hugs Dee :-)
Hi Martin ~ I hope you have a merry christmas and a happy new year! and so that im not spamming your comment section again next week... Have a Wonderful Birthday too!! xoxo brat :P
hey hun , i got a bank account!!!!! but it was repossessed LOL ,i'll reimburse u LOL xxxxxxx linda xxxxx
Aww. Niceeeeee Picture Cutie..... Its about time you change your pic.. :P Talk to you soon..
Hey Martin.. first of all i want to thank you for my GB sorry it has taken me this long to say TY. I wouldnt trade you for anything either on most days :D Miss seeing you online and miss our conversations and laughs. With all these bank accounts, you should be playing more and working less... ;)
Heyyy ago..guess what.....I am your new neighbor that just moved in on the other side of ya and my bank act is the largest so come over and lets join our acts....lets do this the right way!!! ohh and I can speak any language you need me too... :)
heyyyyyy ago, I live in the apt next to you...why dont u come over and we can get a joint checking act :)
I live in Hamilton Ontario. I do speak a little french and fluent in English. I have a very very very LARGE bank Account...
martin will try to tell you he is fig jam. but you want to know a secret, he is really peanut butter. sticks to your mouth, hard to swallow, but thats martin hehehe. i just wish he would learn that you can beat your betters, and i am so his better ner ner ner. and i to don't meet those requirements on your new profile, there is a god lmao.

dianne (who is really fig jam) lmao
I love the new profile .... Even though i dont meet the requirements. Darn! lol Well, I guess you and I are just going to have to stay best friends :P Love Ya Lots. <3 Take Care and Watch Out for Stalkers!
weeeeeeeeeeeeee hiya cute.....linda x
Hey you! Just wanted say thanks for being the greatest partner ever! You truly are an awesome guy & a wonderful friend! I am so glad that I have gotten the chance to get to know you; bandit wouldn’t be the same without you! Jen