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Loser against lanidodi
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Painted Yatzy

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Chitris262 / 63664
Spades263 / 5800
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Hi, I'm a player here @ OnlineBandit, and have been a player for 5 years! :D I come from the U.S.A. and i love to play a variety of games on onlinebandit. :D i am proud of who I am and what i do, and no matter what happens in life, i always will remember, cherish, and love it.
<3 hug)))))
wow thankyou for gb entry hun ur good friends and a great person gl in games unless ur playing me of course rofl
luvs ya take care n have fun hun xx
ty spankee, ur a great friend, n i know i can alwaays count on u if i need a laugh. or a mean game of bg....lol. thx, (((((hugzz)))))
((( Messyyyyy ))))) You are an awesome person. It's my pleasure to be your friend. Have a GREAT time in middle school :D. You better come to ob and tell us all about it :D. Huggzz... Spankee
awww, ty mary. lol, thx ev1, luv ya all! & ty maryyy, i think ur a pretty great gal too, lol. thx all of yas! ;D
heyyyyy messyyyyy that is sooooo sweet u are an angel and i am so glad to have met u on here u 2 are a very funny and caring person...
messy you are welcome at my home anytime sweetie for cookies and milk let me know your coming and i will have lots of both for you. I hope that i still have the pleasure of knowing you when you become an adult, you are an awesome young lady and i know that you will also be an awesome woman.
ty anna, for looking out for me n bein there 4 me, i appreciate it alot! lol...thx. ur a good friend, and i know i can always count on ya! ;)
tysvm golfer for lending me a membership, I LOVE IT!!!!!! =P its awesome, and if it wasnt for u, i wouldnt be typing this right now....lol. thx!!
awwww, tyty! its awesome bein one, i love it, lol. and our hard work will now always be remembered! lol
So pleased you're a member now Messy and so very glad you're keeping your sunglasses after our hard work last night :D Welcome to membership hunnigirl, hope you enjoy xx