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my name is karen and im a divorced mother of 2 kids and 3grandkids whom i love to bits i live in melbourne australia i have so many friends plz feel free to be my friend i have meet some nice people on here the list is too long to mention all of u you know who you all are and especially to poodles for being my friend and partner i love you all to bits..
i cant get on
hey cute pis<33 how ya ben ?
Merry Christmas to you and your family from mine and a Happy New Year!! You have been such a dear friend and I couldn't ask for better friends! God Bless xoxo Erica H
Happy Happy Birthday Buddy!! Hope this year is full of many Magical Moments and Memories!

Hi Mum. I am requesting u as a friend.

Hi Mum. I am requesting u as a friend.

Thx for the add hunni :) xx
Happy New Year Mum!!!!
***TAG*** I just tagged you (1) Where ever you may be...Happy Holidays to you and your family from mine! Thanks for being a part of my life and being such an awesome friend I hope we have many more years to come (1) xoxoxo
i would like to thank e1 who is my friend on here i have so many i cant thank them all at once but you know who you all are....so again thankyou very much...