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Hi all my name is Aaron im 31 and very HAPPILY MARRIED to the most wonderful woman in the world Jenn and we have 5 beautiful kids.
Jenn you are the love of my life, I couldnt ask for a better wife and mother to me and our kids. I am so lucky to have you come into my life (10) Baby you make me feel like a high school kid again! To this day I still have the biggest crush on you and always will ty for being YOU! (8)
I have met so many wonderful people on here that i am very happy to call friends and even family!! I love each and everyone of you(10)
I am always open to a challenge especially in my favorite games (24) (27) (28) so if ya wanna play hit me up.
I hope you had the bestest Birthday hunni!!
Sorry I missed it, but I PROMISE we will do dinner this week!!
Love you BOTH!! Muahhhhhhhhh!!
Aaron Aaron! Wow Where do i begin? You are an awesome person! You and Jenn have been great friends to me and my mom. I am so glad that i have gotten to know both of you. I really enjoy playing games with you and just hanging out in the forum talking. You are a true friend and I hope that one day i can WHOOP your (_._) in BG !! Love ya and Jenn xoxoxo
Hey my most wonderfully amazing handsome sexy stud of a husband. I love you more then words can express. You and our children are the best things that has ever happened to me and god truly blessed me, bringing you into my life. You are my soulmate and I can say I am one of the very few people blessed to have found mine. You are an amazing man and I love you and I am soo honored to be your wife and the mother of all your children. I feel like I am living in a fairy tale, I have the husband and the children of my dreams. You make me soo happy. I am very blessed to have met you and married you and gotten to know your mom "OUR" mom for almost 9 years and have made wonderful memories with her. I love her more then you will ever know. Yes she could be a pain in the (_._) but what mother or mother in law couldnt be at times. She did bring my husband into the world and because of her and your father, I have you for now and all eternity. Love you handsome xoxoxo.