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Painted Yatzy

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Hi everyone!  Hope you all have a great time playing your games and meeting new people!  I come here to relax and enjoy games and all my wonderful friends!  You know who you are!  And beth is my bestest friend in the WHOLEEEEEEEE world and I love her lots!!!
Tears eventually dry,
scars eventually fade,
we stop asking ourselves why,
we're forgiven for mistakes we've made. 
Your thoughts eventually wander,
life eventually ends, we're left with thoughts to ponder,
as our heart eventually mends......
i have respect for cowboys of 90s. todays teams is all over hyped and under achievers . if there americas team im the king of china lol rockon hv a good day badday oz out
cute kids just hope they not cowboy fans
excuseeeeeeee me yes i know who i am but i should like be listed man...im only your bestest friend ever chickadee :P lmao!
Hey my bestie just thought i would come by and show some love! Thanks for being there for me! Your the greatest friend anyone could have. Amazing when you take the time to get to know someone what you will find :P
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!!
love ya girly xxx
Awww your kids are cuuute. They look like you hun.. Well glad to have ya back!! Time to get this party started... if you know what i mean.. rofl!
u should really stop playing chitris lol just a thought :P
just coming by to say hi! :-) hope all is well with you :) talk soon beth
would ya learn to play already so y awont lose so much to me :P
..Friendship is like peeing your pants, everyone can see it, but only you can feel it ...thanks for being the pee in my pants.. lol beth~
wow , look at all the guys checkin u out , u know sum guys could get jealous :-) lol , im sure u must know about sum of them , anyways nice pics , nice yellow car and a nice set of balloons wot more could any guy want ? t/c hun and try very hard to be good luv barry x
hey candice im not great with words soo il keep it short ..well was nice to meet ya and show u how 2 play properly no need to thank me , well ok if u wanna u can lol . keep smilling and stop making up words i dont understand u make me look silly when i keep having to ask u what they mean . dont be afraid to say hi 2 me although if i were u id be scared lol anyways have fun and remember its only a games site lol . t/c and have fun even when i beat ya luv 1uk :-)
((( Badday )))) :D Good to see you again! Always remember, and dont ever forget, sop i, i can p :p
hi lo
boo :P cheater u
just saying hiiiiii
just coming by to say thanks again hun your such a sweetie ;)
just comng this way ...forgot to tell you congrats on making TD woohoo!