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Aussie farmer with a passion for K9s and an addiction to horses and carriage driving. The truth......dogs never tell lies! The motto........feel the fear and do it anyway. The message......love all you OB's ........ play with passion! Cheers Kat
are you going on Skype with **r@nger** ... now that's one call I want to join, would love to hear both your voices ... OMG !!! can you imagine the laughs ... wicked !!!!
luv hearing you laugh until you pee but hope that you feel better soon we dont want ya choking next time Yahuhhh yup yup :)
Hi there ladywolf :)

Just dropped by 2 say hi and 2 let you know that it was nice 2 meet & play U! Have fun!

Big Hug from GT
Merry christmas Ladywolf, omg you make me laugh, I must come visit your profile more often ... cows called brenda !!! and brenda came to see her picture!! You are wicked :P tricky xx
wolfieeeeeee...merry xmas chicky..be good or at least be good at it.. mwah
Hi Ladywolf,

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.
Have fun and TC.
XXX Marco.
i love my picture on here, am i the one with the spot on my nose.......lmao Your Great!!!! Keep up the good work!!! But dont listen to brat!!!! lmao
noooooooo my grandson is cutier lol... tyys for the tourneys ur alot fun ..... moody ........