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Username:emo angel, 29 years
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I play mostly:Painted Yatzy - played 251 times
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Received GB entry from jdogg
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Received GB entry from jdogg

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This is dedicated to Cody(1)
People say you can only fall inlove once but that cant be true cuz everytime i look at you i fall in love all over again.
Im so happy that were together! i have no idea were i would be without you..your the only reason why there is always a smile on my face. Your the only reason why i wake up in the morning. your the only reason why i daydream all day and the only reason i even want to live your just everything to me and i never want to lose you. I think about you day an night i swear that your mr.right i'll love you more than you'll ever know, Baby that's why im never letting you go.
Love is not something you run into everyday, so when love runs into you. don't let it run away(44) I wanna be the girl you call baby, the girl you call your own, the girl you hold in your arms an fall asleep with on the phone, the girl who makes your bad days better, an the girl that will make you say my "life has changed since i met her" You're the reason i live. you're the reason i'd die. your the reason i smile, yet break down and cry, your the reason i keep going, and the reason i fall but without you in my life im nothing at all!
All i want in a relationship is
~Eyes that dont cry~
~Lips that wont lie~
~And love that will never die~
(44)Cody i love you(44)
hey whats up / just stopping in to holla at u .
hey girl how have u ben dropping bye to say i miss ya ben busy so gl in all ur games j dogg
hey sammie whats up? just dropping bye to say whats up? holla at me jdogg!!!
happy new yr tickle me emo. can u get me tickets to all star game lol oz
very nice picture sammie gl in your games xo shell
Hey Sammie! How are you? I just wanted to come here and tell you hoe much I like being your friend. Although you are 6 years older, you arn't embarrased to talk to me, and that makes me feel good :) I hust wanted to tell you, "thanks for being my friend, and a great one at that." xxx Summie