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Username:pollyanna, 64 years
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I play mostly:Painted Yatzy - played 173465 times
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hi all made a lot of great friends here. ob is such a good site and lots of fun . want 2 say hi 2 catrudes, hotfox,scottyboy and foxylady thought it was time 4 u all 2 see wat scottyboy's mum looks like lmao (p) pollyanna likes her profile and it will stay the same
I am still out of town for 2 1/2 more days. I am on my iPad seeing if I can play online with my iPad. So far I%u2019ve only figured out how to do this.
Its great to be your friend and thank you for having me. I really
enjoy our games of ptd ytz we play and am looking forward to many more. Jusgt try to let me win on occasion. ok see you in the
games.. take care... and enjoy O.B. I do. :)
just checking out your profile.. I am going to get my membership
in a few days.. can i add you please.... your great. trickks
hey polly thanks for the gb entry.ur a doll..i dont care what everyone says..lol j/k...lubs ya.you are great.
OMGosh girl your bedroom cracks me up so bad I almost p~~~~~~~~. Gotta wuv ya hun, you are so much fun to chit chat, play games or juz chillin out with @ OB... come closer and lets do the Nanny kiss.. Muaah ..muahh... legs up girl muaaah~~
pmsl those pics are amazing!!!!
hi ya hunni just like to wish ya a happy birthday hope u have a great day !! i allways thought that pic was of scotty and cats lol ur have a great family hun i love having u all as friends xxxx
Hello polly,
Where's your pic? LOL Thanks for being a great friend, you're a great person no matter what your kids say! *winx* Now it's your turn to sign my GB plzzzzzzz!
I know im your favourite *winkwink*
Can i have some money?
haha =]
tyty polly your a great gal from down under . i just smiled as u gave me a vegimite sandwich xo ozman out
HI mom...Now I called you mom does that make Scott my brother? lmao Always wanted to have alittle brother who's ass I can kick...lmao
Hey Polly looking good like the pics.
woohooo polly very cute!! love the pic's hun lmao to cute!! smooches nanahtd
wow is that u in that bikini
smokinnnnnnnnng lmao
hiya sweetie
love ya tons
keep tormenting scotty for us ha
foxy xxxxx mwah
Whistles @ polly ...nice body!!! I knew scotty a year or two ago but finally met his mom... so he must have taken after you (wink). I love ya humourous fun loving at-tit-tude!!!
Gotta luv ya for that... hugs and kisses ... and oh heres a cracker!!

hey mom(lol) you're a very sweet lady..I don't see how you put up with scott jk Big Hugs
hi just thot id say hello :)
hiya polly, your a really awesome lady, and very nice, and you have awesome kids, i really like scotty and aliyah, so you have done a great job with them. and you have a wicked sense of humour. hugsssss hun

hi polly u the nicest person i met here...ill leave a lil blu footprint here in friendship..love ya
hi polly u the nicest person i met here...ill leave a lil blu footprint here in friendship..love ya
pollyyyyyyyy (pocket) just dropping by to say that u have a great looking profile the pics are amazing woot woot

hehehe hugssssssss
hey ma love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu heaps xxxx love scotty
U gots a guest book...
Great sucess!!!
I heard you played exceptionally well in the World Cup..Well Done ;)
I love you so much
hello polly dear =P we finally see wat u look like huh ^^ ... did u know... I find u so special that if .. i had to decide which fruit would best describe you... Id say a carrot stick =] mwah x