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Username:emmalee, 50 years
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I play mostly:Backgammon - played 4867 times
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Love to play the games and have tried most of them. Some I really am terrible at but others I do ok. If you are interested in a game... just ask.
emmalee i luv you 1
Merry Christmas Emmalee have a great holiday miss you ((hugs))
emmalee still alive ? how about pug ?
your so cute xoxo :)
Em you are a FUN and Intellegent player.. and A few other things I will keep off this geustbook.. but sufice to say...oh yes"
May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope;
The spirit of Christmas which is peace;
The heart of Christmas which is love.
xoxo R@nger
Emma...My Buddy....You are wayyyy too special....I wish I could just hide you in my pocket and keep you safe and warm....
I luv this picture and i likie that quilt luv ya girl keep smiling xoxo
Well it seems I've never signed your GB so here goes......LOL! I never know what to write in these things....you're a very nice lady and funny too, and I know how hard it can be to put up with me and Lulu so thank you for that =]
Your the best!
emm you are the bestest on ob so nice and funny..may you one day find happiness whatever it may be
awesome profile I hope the chickens read it and take heed its good advice stay strong stay true and always stay you :) xoxo
"People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within." The light that shines within you always brightens the darkest days thank you your are the most beautiful woman I know ...Luv ya xxxooo
Emma!!! It's been really fun hanging out and getting to know such a nice person like you.......
if someone has you and lets you slip away with out trying the hardest they ever tryed to keep you they dont know what they got the nicest person iv ever had the chance to talk with and turn to with probs that are very hard to talk about but you are always there ty for every thing luvsssssssss ya
eammale is the most beautiful and nices person on ob she brings new life into this world and also know how to keep people from leaving it to she has a way with people that most dont very few people can do what she does plus she is fun to play and chat with i dont know what i would do if she was not here on ob she works and goes to school and still has time for her friends luvssssssss ya very much
oh emma lee sings rod stewart can u sing maggie may too
this beautiful girl is the best person i know to come to for advice and will never lead you down a bad road sheis nice to talk to and if you have her for a friend you are very lucky lovvvvvvvs you very much
I'm still waiting for you to win a game! Its always fun beating yer butt in anything we play!! muwahh
to the nicest girl on ob to have fun with and very sexy to boot but she just cant seem to beat me at any game we play but still lovssssssssssss her
awwww wow that is aswome,, very creative... i love it,, i'm soo glad to of met u u are a really nice and beautiful friend!!
Of course I like it when you kick my butt! You are a great partner too baby, wouldn't trade you for anyone!!!! Hugs :)
your still hot hunni ill talk you soon about us love shell
when ever your ready emma lee !!!!! this be like canada beating usa all over againnnnnnnnnnnnn woo hoo i like it xo oz out
emma lee whats shakey besides your bootyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . tell me when you know how play yamb so you can get a few wins from me xo rockon from oz
:)))) sweet and lovley emma all the way xd :) ^^ wink :P