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Username:sadiesrotten, 56 years
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I play mostly:Ludo - played 1932 times
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Those who know me, know I'm not REALLY Rotten (20)...they know I'm a great friend and confidant.(102)  But I am a red head, and well we all know a red head's reputation, yes?  Point made.(43)
When I'm not here, I'm raising my two teens, or working hard or doing something useful with my time.  I like my down time too and hope that someday I'll find someone to share everything with.(10)(44)
In the meantime, I'm here to have fun.(2)  I'm not interested in any kind of drama(18)...so if that's what your looking for your barking up the wrong tree.(14) 
A special mention to my special OB friends, Peaches and Jenna; Crzywmn & Kranky and Meanie - love hangin out with these crazy ladies...much love and big ((((((((Hugs)))))))) (102)
(9)My favorite quote of all time:"If the scent of her hair were to blow across my dustwhen I had been dead a hundred years;My mouldering bones would riseand come dancing out of the tomb."
hey hun glad we r friends i never thought we would be friends but im glad we are hun ur such a sweet person when i swtart djing hope u tune in hun and ty for being my friend love yaaaaaaaaaaaa
Hiya sadies mf love playing ludo with u too. anytime u need a laugh or buttkicked just look me up lol
You bring a smile to my face I love playing with you girls always puts me in a good mood
hey hun glad we become friends, keep up the support and we will both do gr8t heheheheh
ty 4 ur lind words as always and wow u remembered my bday ,,,and its not like i told u every day lol ..well u sexxy hot mama ??? lol its really nice playing with u ,i hope u know im letting u win most of the games because im a wonderful kind generous sorta guy lol ...well sumtimes ...have fun and be good luv barry xxx
I love you my darling honey bunch! sexy sexy hot momma! i'll try not to beat you too bad next time in ptd!
hey sadie its always my loss lol ...ok ur v busy , but soon i will show u how 2 play properly lol ..soo just passing and saying hi debbie lol weeeeeeee xxx
Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!!! Great getting to know ya!! xxxxx

hey red head , nice 2 of chatted with u , ur a funny lady , well ur funny and ummm merry xmas and hope u get wot u wish 4 in everything u do and not just for xmas , maybe u could come out side and play with me sumday ,,till then have a great time in wot u do love barry xxx :-) 1uk
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year .. to you and Yours.. bless u ..
merry christmas and your not so rotten heehee have a safe and happy holiday to you and yours :) ranger
Hey Sadies so great getting to know you, never a dull moment with you around lol .. love ya girl.. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!! xxx
Deborahhhhhh!!!! Hey g/f where u be? Sure do miss u huggiessss
hi sadies....Know what you mean with the redhead comment...my 8 yr old daughter is a red head...ugggggh..we are always in battle mode.........lol...tc hun
Just thought i would say hiya since ya finally added me..lol..take care hun
Happy Valentine's Day Deborah!!!!!!!
hey hun just wanted to drop some love to ya....xxxxxxxxSunshine
Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year Muwahh Loves Yaz
Just wantes 2 say hello n a Merry Christmas 2 u and ur family!!!