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Username:jersey, 36 years
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I play mostly:Backgammon - played 1469 times
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...... Luv you all
Jersey so honored to be your friend!! You seem like a wonderful person, you just light up the room when you pop on with ur kisses and ur hugs!! Hope you have a wonderful New Year hon!!! xxxxx bambyeyes
hey sweetie.. I wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year muah luv ya hugzzzz xxxxxx candy bar ;)
hey u. you ok :)
Hey sweet!!!!! Just droppin some love your way... u know I love ya hehe weeeeeeeeeee xxxxxxx Sunshine
Hey .... ur my first friend on OB.int nice!!! :D

Is that u on the left side of the profile picture ?

Ohh and Merry Christmas ! :D
heya hunni, just wanted to leave u a comment :) hope u like it

luv ya dan xxxxxxxxxx
Hiya sexi, just stopping by to wish you and your family a very blessed thanksgiving and send some love your way! Love ya David James
Picks you up.. carries you to bed.. tucks you in, puts tony the tiger stuffed animal next to you.. watches over you like a guardian angel while you sleep so you stay safe and secure because your 1 in a million.. all my <3 Tony =)
heyyy jerseyyyyyyyy
ur a cool woman
i love you !

from your angel (somtimes :P)
well, jersey my mother try .. so i write here for her

She say you are a sweet gitl.. and hug and her love you too !
hey hun thought id sign ur book again tehehe xxxx
Heyyyyyyyy... is it here where u r looking for friends??? Well here I am!!!! xxxxxxxxx
Nice to meet you, Jersey. Thanks for the ludo win :-) lol Hopefully we can play more and get to know each other better. T/C!!
hey babe u ok hun just fort id sign ur book hehe luv ya xx
hey gf have had alot of fun with u on here and hope to have more. U r a special person. Anytime u want a game or just to talk give a howler.

luv ya
Hey jerseysugarpumpkinhoneylove ;) i have really missed you, hope you are doing fine and are having a blast :)
love you :) big kiss in the middle of your forehead :D
Hey jerseysugarpumpkinhoneylove ;) i have really missed you, hope you are doing fine and are having a blast :)
love you :)
Okay here's a better one for ya
LOL! You're a cool chick and a great friend, wish you the best of luck! Thanks for all the laughs, you are a nut that's for sure...LOL! Keep on keeping on!
Hey there Jersey!
You are one very sweet gal! Thanks for always being so kind here at OB! Love ya!
hiya jersey ur my best friend who i luv 2 bits hugs lauren xxx
HMMMM!!! I dunno what to say Jersey...LOL!
Hiya Jersey,

Normaly i dont take orders from tet, but for you i will make an exeption ;)
Big hugs from me and a big big kiss from Yari
xxx Dannii
hey hun well what can i say u great friend to me n every 1 eles on here who knows u n they all love u and u are a true sweet person hun love ya hun xxxxxx scotty
you are the best hun-always friendly to everyone and your always so nice -stay that way luv ya roho
hi hunnie lv u tons my good friend and get better soon xxx
see u soon vixen xxx
ok which one is you in the picture? lol..love ya
to my Jersey gal....ur one hullva women...tyvm 4 being so kind to me....luv ya much ty 4 the laughs:)
hey jersey you are the best friend anyone could have love you alot
Hey Jersey I am signing this cuz you asked me to. Love ya jersey you one of the best friends I have met online here.

take care and I will talk to ya later and maybe catch ya in a game or two
I am soooo glad i met you hun.. u r such a sweet lovely person .. luv ya hun tc xxxxx
Im glad for know you; Dear Ob Bell, you allways are for me one very sweet and lovable young girl.

Hug hug and more Hug.. from Chile!
Hiya Jerseeeeeeyyy..
Big hug and kiss for you...
Ill order Dannii to write yours... but i know she never takes orders for me :s so you have to wait :D
jersey!! how i love to slapyou daft with a smelly fish slice :) :)
you very energetic and lovely
always nice to ppl
happy to be your friend :)
Wish i knew what to say , but heck i dont know who i am .
Jerseyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! The best luv a man could wish for!
Hey hun it is so nice to be your friend. Love you very much debbie
hi gfffffffffffff
how r u doing
take care c u soon
Reggggg my girl!! Wazzz up!! Ur a great friend don't EVER loose touch!! love ya!!
heyy jerseyyyyy =) thought I'd be the first =D has been great to get to know you..please stay around for a while longer

Your King,