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 so names barry , deff not hot , im mean , patronising , sarcastic at times  , been classed as #1 ob thug, been told i have an attention defect disorder , as if  lol , well maybe a lil , also have attitude and think im right most of the time , which as we know is totally wrong being a guy and all ;-) i have been told this recently , and she was very right
but i have had some amazingly wonderful times in here ,and i may not say it but i respect you all  :-)
you know who you all are , just want to say a huge massive thankyou for making me apart of your  ob lives too .

big thanx also for the friends that make ob fun and safe for lil ppl like me 
Sure do niss my best friend :(
Hello is me Mabel please write back [ mabel_mustafa100@yahoo.com ] Thanks
Bertttttt i thought id leave u a comment to say you are nuts lol u a good friend hun and thank you for all the laughs we have each night..we need to play some BG soon i need some points from you haha..take it easy be good pls speak soon TULS xx
Barry barry i beat u in painted so u are beatable lol and u didnt let me win so anyway ur really funny u make me laugh so hard i cant breathe and 83 is not hot u england people are weird but i still love you never change <3 ash
hey mr cap wearer love ya trendy gear and funny quirks keep me laughing you rock
pls play barry ptd guys he cant win all the time
mwah xx
Great job on ur new profile!! I'm proud of you accepting you have attention deficit disorder lol....haaa not really..u just get a little side tracked at times is all...lol You always keep OB alive for sure pestering everyone with ur funny comments back... Thanks for being a good friend, for listening and for keeping me laughing :)
barry barry where to begin lets see your a nut for one but i love you anyway<3 you will always be my 2nd dad thanks for all the laughs and everything you do to make me feel better and all the advice YES PEOPLE HE IS NICE! :O shocker right? lol anyway for new changes in life! <3 u
good job on the profile "thug". lol j/k