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I'd like to think I am an artist who paints songs to your heart by the orhestrations of music I write and set to song. I then sing them in the full grandure that can only be found eminating from the depths of a symphonic media. I have had many memorable moments in music having performed with some of the most incredible artists to have ever graced the performing stage. So many of them are gone now but I do have my memories of entertainers that I have had an association with at one time or another. From names like Mr. Sammy Davis Jr., Miss Rosemary Clooney, Mr. Lou Rawls and Mr. Paul Anka to stars of the first magnatude in the world of opera like Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Franco Corelli, Carlo Bergonzi and Mr. Richard Tucker........omg the names are endles.........I have so many wonderful memories..wanna see? Go to the my space link below and copy it to your browser or just click my homepage link.

Not always serious, my lighter side will crack you up as I have been told on many occasions that my creativity seems to have spilled well over into my sense of humor. I hope that is true. I do believe that there is one cure for everything that may trouble you and that is to laugh and always try to be happy as best you can.

I love to play backgammon (most of the time). Come say hi and don't be shy! You might just get a song and definitely a laff!

Link to my music page is www.myspace.com/nathanbrianwine
Always laugh and have fun playing a game BG with you ..(Being I let you win ).. Very nice and funny guy